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5% discount for courses:

Groups of 4 and more;

Indonesian citizens; KITAS holders

DIVING COURSESLearn to dive!


Discover Scuba Diving

half a day / 1 dive

Scuba Diver Course

2 days / 2 dives

Open Water Diver Course

3 days / 4 dives

Advanced Adventure Course

1 day / 3 dives

Your first underwater breaths! This is an introductory day to scuba. First, we review a little theory with you for around half an hour and then get you kitted up and take you into the pool to get comfortable with the equipment and practise some of the basic skills you will need later in the day when we take you on an ocean dive. We run this programm twice a day, starting at 8.30 AM or at 12.00 PM.

This course does not fully certify you as a scuba diver, but will certify you to dive under the direct supervision of a Dive master, Assistant Instructor or Instructor on your next vacation. You will learn the fundamentals of Scuba Diving through practice sessions in the swimming pool and 2 open water dives.

This course gives you a license to dive to 18m with a buddy who is also a certified diver at dive shops all over the world. It is your equivalent of a driving license for scuba – your coming of age, your independence in the dive world. You will learn the theory of diving, practice the theory in the pool and go on 4 open water dives to a depth of 18m, and of course pass your final exam.

For these who are short of time, there is an option to complete 3 dives from the Advanced Open Water Program: the two mandatory ones, Deep and Navigation, and a third one of your choice.

After completing this course your depth limit will be extended to 30 m.

You can upgrade this level to get the Advanced Open Water certification at any time.

Advanced Open Water Diver

2 days / 5 dives

Emergency First Response

1 day

Rescue Diver Course

3-4 days / 3 dives

Divemaster Course

3 weeks + / ∞ dives

Advanced divers dive with more confidence, more polished skills and comfort in the water and become qualified to do different kinds of diving experience. With less emphasis on theory and more on practical learning at this stage in your diving education, you will complete 5 dives over 2-3 days. The dives include core dives of a deep dive and a navigation dive, and you then choose 3 more dives from a wide range including: Night, wreck, photography, computer, drift, etc.

Emergency First Response gives you the confidence to respond to medical emergencies – not just in the diving world, but in your every day world with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers too. 

Emergency First Response courses encompass: 

  • CPR courses for adults, children and infants 

  • First aid for adults, children and infants 

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training 

This is the course that will change the way you dive forever. More awareness of your own and others safety and level of comfort in the water. It also answers all those questions of “what if...?” that you may have thought about. I makes you a better safer diver, and an asset to the people you dive with. It’s also great fun! We get to play victims and have you rescue us! – You’ll never know what to expect next on the course, but when you finish you will be prepared for anything.

Your first steps into the professional world of diving.

This course involves all the theory of diving, and practical lessons too. You will have your rescue skills polished, learn to map dive sites, guide certified divers, and assist instructors on courses. And of course you also learn more about the working side of a dive shop, organising the safety equipment for the boat, emergency action planning, tank filling, sales and bookings – all you need for a great start in the industry.

* Divemaster Internship with discount up to 90% is possible. Come and talk to us!

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