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turtles of gili t, diving on gilis, trawangan


After a bad experience with another dive company on Gili T, I was hestitant to get back in the water and give diving another try. I'm so glad I did. Bruno from Buddha dive was a fantastic intstructor and an all round nice guy. He walked me through breathing under water and got me from feeling panicked to confident and then I was able to have my first ever diving experience. Turtles, clown fish, a lion fish and incredible coral. Not bad for a first dive! He held my hand most of the way as the others in the group all had far more experience and at no point did I feel nervous. A massive thank you to him and his crew. An absolute credit to Budda Dive. Highly reccommend them as a must do on Gili T. I didn't stay at the hotel so cannot comment on this but the pool and facilites were clean and located well.

Visited August 2013

Sarah R

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