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turtles of gili t, diving on gilis, trawangan


There are heaps of dive shops to chose from on Gili Trawangan, but something about Buddha Dive drew me in, and now Im hooked.

The staff are SO nice , friendly , professional and experienced.The groups are generally smaller than some of the other more popular dive resorts - which is WAY better.I dived on Shark Point with Divemaster and my Dive buddy, just the 3 of us.It was magnificent - we saw more turtles than i could comprehend!The second dive was on Bounty wreck with Divemaster: Flora from France... just the 2 of us :)It was a magnificent dive- probably one of my best ever!Their dive boats and crew are really great, and have a good knowledge of the local ocean and weather.It only cost me $35 to dive, and it would have been less if i had bought a multi-dive package!I will definitely dive with them next time in the Gilis

Visited July 2014

Cassy Poulos

San Diego, California

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