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My family & I had a pleasant experience staying for a couple of nights at the Buddha Dive (it's definitely not a "dive" compared to other places there). Staff were friendly and the Russian manager was a unique personality who changed a couple of dead bulbs in our room when I asked for it (on the condition that we had to step out while he did so). I guess he's a shy character. Friendly in a quiet way, at least to us.Kudos to Therese, the dive instructor. I recommend her highly for anyone who wants to experience Gili Trawangan's scuba dive. A patient and knowledgeable diver who knows how to make us overcome our fear of the deep and really enjoy all that beauty. We didn't get to thank her personally as she was out with clients when we left. To Therese: thank you so much for everything! We hope to see you again very soon when we're back there for more dive in a couple of months.Great prices (hotel & dive) & yes, there's hot shower, AC & a TV. oh ya, get your dive video & photos taken ;)

AntonSusanto. Jakarta, Indonesia

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