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I tried a free pool dive here with Teresa last week.I also stayed at the dive school and have left 5 stars with "Buddha dive resort". Initially I wanted to take my OWC and after speaking with.Teresa she mentioned that as a beginner I should try in the pool first for free to see if I like it and if I did I would pay to go out to the sea. I booked in and filled out the forms. The next day we went through safety and theory outside of the pool. It was easy to understand and informative.Unfortunately I felt very claustrophobic in the pool, Teresa spent time one on one being calm. We both agreed I wasn't ready for the sea. She let me try the pool again in the afternoon however I was in a bad head space then!I really thank Teresa for being so attentive and making the effort to get me out to water (scuba just isnt right for some people!)

I recommend Buddha dive.

Reviewed September, 2014


Liverpool, United Kingdom

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